Download!: Museums 2030 – Sharing recipes for a better future
The conference publication of the 27th annual conference of NEMO had been finished. Magdona Nagy, the director of Museum Education and Methodoly Cenre had also contributed to the conference and to the published volume.
publication Museum Quality Management Framework : Self-reflection, Compass and Framework for Quality-oriented Museums
At most Hungarian museums, we cannot speak of conscious monitoring of operation or system-level quality management, but rather of individual, managerial ambitions and attempts driven by the professionalism of the staff.
Museum and library project on the international scene : We were Ubiquitous from Madrid to Tartu
We were talking about a cultural project that is particularly supportive of the efforts of the Hungarian cultural sector, so museum institutions can deliver something with their own tools that is socially useful in eradicating poverty, providing quality education or reducing inequalities
study tour: Under the blue sky of Amsterdam
Museum coordinators and professional implementers of “Museum and library development for everyone” project had the opportunity to study Dutch museums’ best practices of their service providing approach and volunteering during a professional study visit.
interview: The Dutch model boosts confidence
Coordinators Emese Joó and Franciska Hajdu were interviewed about their experience during the five-day study tour in museums of Amsterdam.
use museum collections in a creative way: Museum tapas platter – ideas rather than lesson plans
Our museum conference titled Discovering Museums – Digital collections for education was a great opportunity to learn about good practices and methodologies of teaching materials based on digital collections. The international museum scene was represented by Naomi Chapman, from Scott Polar Research Institute, Polar Museum part of Cambridge University.
Serious games: high art and recycled toys
Fine arts, natural science and the inclusion of museum education was the title of the imaginative professional day and workshop held by Emese Joó at Deák17 Gallery, on 2 July. The purpose of the event was to presents methods easily applicable by museum educators in their sessions, for a really playful and entertaining knowledge transfer.
PRIZE: International recognition for
The international jury of FIAMP awarded the website of the Museum Education Centre of the Hungarian Open Air Museum the GOLDEN PRIZE in the category of “SPECIAL WEB ART”.
MOKK: Who are we?
About the Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MEMC)
Deadline for proposals: 7 April 2023: Call for papers: 10. National and 6. International Conference on “Museum reflection
A hybrid-format English-language session will be organized on the following topic: Museum learning and the socio-economic environment
NEMO: #SolidarityWithUkraine
Special call from the Network of European Museum Organisations
REGISTRATION NOW: 9th National and 5th International Conference of Adult Learning on Museum: International session: Social responsibility and new opportunities for inclusion during Covid-19
The Conference titled INTERNAL FORCES AND INTERACTIONS IN THE PRESENT WORLD OF MUSEUMS will be held on 10-11 May 2021 in Hungary and online. The opening plenary sessions, workshops and panel discussions will be in hungarian.
PRIZE: International recognition for
The international jury of FIAMP awarded GOLDEN PRIZE for the website of the Museum Education Centre of the Hungarian Open Air Museum in the category of “SPECIAL WEB’ART”.
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events: Autumn Festival of Museums
The biggest festival of museums in Hungary first launched in 2006. Seven weeks in October and November. Don't miss it!
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Database of exhibitions and museum education programmes of Hungarian museums.