What does a museum coordinator do?

The museum coordinator’s work is highly diverse.

The coordinator is a “link” between

  • museums and educational institutions
  • the museums belonging to his/her region
  • the Museum Education and Methodology Centre and museums of the region.

The main responsibilities of museum coordinators

  • extensively disseminating up-to-date museum concepts
  • developing extensive and meaningful cooperation between museums and education institutions
  • advocating and supporting the implementation of local, county-based and regional museum development projects by using different European Union funds

Priority tasks of museum coordinators were during the Museums for Everyone Programme (MMP) implemented between 2008 and 2014 with the support of the European Union:

  • promoting integrated cooperation between institutions performing educational and museum functions
  • working out concepts for utilising exhibitions and collections by public education
  • running common workshops with a view to common public education utilising the system of museum institutions by public education
  • creating a database of teachers
  • making “schools-museums” best practices public, in interregional workshops
  • running museum education year opening ceremony on county level
  • running county level museum education information days
  • participating in the local realisation of creating the “Nationwide Museum Education Database” *
  • by the aid of mentors, supporting nationwide museum education campaigns, and assisting museum education tenders/competitions in the framework of cooperation agreement
  • organising workshops on model project planning and tender simulation, and simulating project implementation and administration

Coordinators’ previous work plans are accessible here. Workshops were regularly organised during the project period of the Museums for Everyone Programme for supporting the coordinators’ work.

Current responsibilities of museum coordinators

Since 1 February 2017, the members of the museum coordinators have also been participating in the implementation of the priority project entitled Museum and Library Development for Everyone, they help achieve the aims and indicators of the coordinator network. More information on their diverse activities in this regard is available here.

In addition, the coordinators also participate in carrying out the professional tasks regarding the 5-year maintenance period, having started in March 2014, of Museums for Everyone Programme (MOKK tasks of the project maintenance period), such as the nationwide promotion of the Autumn Festival of Museums, as well as advocating museum events related to the festival (Teachers’ Night, Travelling Museum, Kindergarten Teachers’ Day etc.), organising museum education year opening ceremonies, furthermore, they carry out tasks in the evaluation work of the jury awarding the Museum Education Award for Excellence.

For inquiries, please contact the museum coordinator nearest to you.

The Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MOKK) also collaborates with coordinator consultants who previously worked as museum coordinators though no longer active in this capacity, but they represent a useful and firm base for MOKK regarding their many years of experience and a network of connections.