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Museum Education and Methodology Centre
Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre, Hungary

The Museum Education Centre was established in 2006 with the aim of assisting the renewal of museums in Hungary by methodology training and development. Priorities included supporting competence development in public education by introducing and disseminating modern museum education solutions extensively as well as modernizing cooperation between museums and public education institution.

Our network of museum coordinators supports local, county and regional developments and ensures the flow of information between museums and public education stakeholders and institutions. Involving our museum coordinator network we organize conferences, roundtable discussions, symposiums, information days in the course of implementing methodology development.

During the planning stage of the redesign and revamp of the Museum Education and Methodology Centre website in 2013, content and aesthetic questions were equally significant. We are convinced that the harmony of content and design enhances the message to be conveyed. That is the reason why a modern, youthful design was created and this unity of content and form seems to be delivering the anticipated synergies, which is confirmed - among other things - by the continuously increasing number of registered users, currently above 5000.

Main characteristics and aims of Museum Education and Methodology Centre website

First and foremost, we focuse on our two primary target groups: museum professionals and teachers in public education. On one hand we intend to provide support to museum professionals so that they can extend and focus their work on public education, and also to assist teachers in their efforts to use exhibitions and incorporate museum education sessions into school curriculum. As the museum is undoubtedly one of the most significant venues of competence based learning outside school, inspiring teachers to use museums more extensively is of paramount importance. By the present time, the website is not merely museum service or a professional news portal, but we also envisage changing attitudes and mind-sets, the signs of which are already perceivable.

The website was launched in 2013, however, we intend to emphasise the continuity between the current and the old website, therefore interoperability with the earlier website (www.muzeumokmindenkinek.mokk) is ensured at e.g. in the footing of the home page and in several other menu items.

In accordance with international trends the website is optimized for mobile devices and it is also accessible for the visually impaired.

The website was awarded with a third place in the category of Culture/Cultural Heritage/Tourism in the eFestival held on 6th November 2013 by the Hungarian Association of Content Industry together with the Information Technology for Society Association. This award enables the website to wear the honourable title ‘Outstanding Hungarian Content’. The professional jury also awarded the title: ‘User-friendly Website’ to


The Museum Education and Methodology Centre’s Facebook is accessible from two locations: on the right, below the CONTACT US menu item on the main page, and in the side menu on the right.